Advanced Surveillance

Advanced Surveillance

Bespoke Versions Of This Course Together With Protective Surveillance Have Been Delivered To Permanently Employed Teams Of Private Clients. The Courses Are Also Available To Foreign Governments. It Is Seldom Open To The Individual Due To The Cost And Duration. Contact Us If You Are A Group With A Minimum Number Of 8.


Full 8-week Mobius Advanced Covert Surveillance

8 weeks / £8750 (+vat)

The 8-week Mobius Advanced Covert Surveillance Course encompasses every element of conventional covert surveillance including; Solo Foot; Team Foot; Mobile Navigation; Tactical Driving; Covert Imagery & Technical Surveillance; Anti & Counter Surveillance and CROP’s.  Allowing, for the first time, the commercially trained SV operator to:

  • Successfully execute covert foot follows both individually and as part of a team
  • Adapt to, function and perform within fast paced and rapidly changing situations
  • Covertly gather intelligence/ information during an operational deployment
  • React well under stress as a capable individual and reliable team member, during all kinds of dynamic operational scenarios


The 8-week Mobius Advanced Covert Surveillance Course has the following breakdown with each phase also delivered as individual 5-day courses.  Those who successfully complete each individual 5-day course will earn the Mobius Certification for that course.  Those who complete all 5-day courses and the Field Training Exercise (FTX) will be awarded the Mobius Advanced Covert Surveillance Operator Certification.

Solo & Team Foot

2 weeks / £2100 (+vat)


Solo Foot

In phase one you will learn about the principles that govern surveillance, those which can be taught and those which are innate.  This is the time when you will develop your individual tradecraft, testing and honing your skills as a surveillance operative, in the event that you are the ‘last man standing’ in a live operation.  You will understand what it means to act independently, be actively aware and to make detailed, individual accounts of target activity.

You will be expected to become comfortable operating in a range of environments and to successfully navigate a wealth of scenarios.  It is only through exposure to and repeat practice with experienced operators, that you will develop your own skill set on the ground, evolving into a consistently able and adaptable operator.  There is no other course anywhere in the private sector, which will repeatedly challenge your basic skills in this way.  As in Government surveillance training the course is aimed, and the final exercise designed, to produce operatives who can manage on their own and act autonomously when the stakes are high and the team is nowhere to be found.

Team Foot
The second phase is about becoming part of a slick team, understanding the difference between being a solo operator, and one who effortlessly segues into an adaptive and supportive member of a multi faceted, highly functioning unit.  This phase will see new skills added and new challenges introduced.  You will be expected to know how to manage when communications break down, so that these tools are never relied upon but instead are understood to be simply an aid to the operator.

You will learn to work together, debrief together, support and critique your own skills and those of your teammates.  At the end of the phase you will work as a team to carry out a final exercise, which will test your effectiveness as a group.  Again it is a steep learning curve, with strict expectations regarding voice procedure, communication, memory recall, report writing, use of technical equipment and most importantly effective teamwork!


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